First and for all, please reach out to us, we wish our customers to be happy and by speaking to us we may find a solution together.

Should you, after speaking to us, still be dissatisfied, then there is the possibility to file a complaint :

Filing a complaint can be done as follows:

  1. Send us your complaint by email to Please provide your name, contact details and the subject of your complaint. We advise you to also include to your email any document that you may have that clarifies/ substantiates the issue of your complaint

  2. We will then get back to you confirming receipt of your complaint within 10 bank business days. This mail will contain details on our complaint handling process including a case number, the name of the person who will review your complaint issues internally and a target date for our future response.

  3. The complaint handling person will then provide you a response in writing to your case at the latest one month from the date by which the complaint was sent

  4. In more complex cases, the complaint will require to be investigated by the Compliance Department and a partial resolution response will, in principle, be sent whilst some aspects of the complaint will continue to be investigated. In case of extraordinary circumstances or extraordinary difficulties, the handling of a complaint may exceptionally exceed a period of one (1) month from the date at which the complaint was sent. We will inform you of this as soon as possible

  5. Should you upon receipt of RiverBank’s response to your complaint nevertheless remain dissatisfied, then you can resort to the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF), our regulator, for an arbitrage. The process at the CSSF will need to be started within one year after sending the initial complaint to RIverBank and can be done by filling in the form on the CSSF website (in several languages) under the url:

  6. CSSF will then in turn investigate the case and provide you with its conclusions within its own timeframe

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